Combustion Consultancy

TAKANAH,  is your comprehensive consulting partner  specialized in combustion, energy efficiency and steam/water systems for industrial and heat power generation applications.

Power Plants, Oil and Gas Industry:

TAKANAH and it’s Associated partners such (JKCC) do have broad knowledge and experience in large and medium scale power generation. We can provide you with advice on the complete energy conversion process: from optimization of the combustion system, to boiler performance improvement, to emissions abatement. Operation of the steam production facility must ensure continuous balance with the demand of the consumers. The operational window is, among others, bound by requirements on emissions, fuel costs and maintenance costs. TAKANAH identifies the operational boundaries. Awareness of the operational envelope is key to reduce operational and maintenance costs, and improve the system’s flexibility. We provide support to our customers throughout the complete project path: from identifying opportunities, to conceptual and basic engineering, TAKANAH also performs independent assessments of existing installations. We identify potential design improvements, give advice on maintenance strategy and plant operation to increase the lifetime and availability of the installation.

We can help you reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled stops by performing root-cause analysis studies.

 Plant optimization studies:

• Boiler design and modifications.

• Conceptual and basic engineering.

• Performance improvement.

• Boiler operation and maintenance advice.

• Boiler lifetime assessment.

•  Calculations and analyses of emissions and environmental conditions.

•  Problem solving with regards to combustion system performance, emissions issues and control philosophies.

•  Burner, and boiler studies with regards to fuel changes, waste streams or process modifications.

•  Detailed investigations on specific burner and plant performance issues.

•  Together with our partner advice on control, safe guarding and automation.

•  Advice on monitoring instrumentation, location, specification and sampling systems.

• Failure root cause analysis.

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