Water/Wastewater Industry Solutions


Our reputation as a low-risk and low cost solutions provider to the water/wastewater treatment industry is based on our history of successful performance and solutions. Our offered solutions and control with simple SCADA or other technology will make your water and wastewater treatment processes of some of the largest infrastructures in the world, providing access to comprehensive, real-time data and predictive intelligence from throughout the district.


Our solutions will ensure cleaner, safer water supplies; reduce environmental hazards; and realize significant operational cost savings. As a single local source of responsibility during all phases, we offer forward-looking technology, proven project engineering expertise, and the capability for long-term support.


In addition to above, Takanah offers air treatment systems for the removal of odor, H2S and VOC’s to both industry and municipalities sectors. We do offer complete solutions with all associated equipment’s and state of Art control with complete installation and Maintenance services.