Proven Non-Chemical Solution from field experiment Hard Scale Removal & Prevent New Formation ! Protect Carbon Steel Pipe from Rusting ! The SCALE SOLUTION ®opens scale-free world for your system. The SCALE SOLUTION ®is an innovative unit that is electronically operated as a chemical free scale & corrosion control system. HAN EN tech Ltd offers the most environmentally friendly,  economical scale & corrosion preventing solution to your valuable facilities. HAN EN tech Ltd is promising solution provider to control internal scale & corrosion for the application on seawater, freshwater and even on brine in Marine, Offshore & Onshore field and building utilities such as boiler & air con. systems, cooling tower etc. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS

  • Desalination Plant (MSF, MED, SWRO)
  • Heat Exchanger (Seawater, Freshwater, Brine, Brackish)
  • Industrial Processes
  • (Based on 6 years operation in Korea and 2 years in Saudi Arabia)


  • Cost Savings on Chemicals
  • Time & Cost Savings on Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Energy Savings by increased heat transfer efficiency
  • More Product Production

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